Does Honey and Cinnamon Help Acne? The Real Facts

When you suffer from acne, you are probably wondering ‘Does honey and cinnamon help acne – at least, clear it out and improve my look?’ You have to admit that acne may not be a life threatening issue but it does affect your appearance, which in the end will affect your mood and also self confidence. From the mild one to the serious one, the combination of those ingredients is potent enough to deliver a satisfying result.

However, it is crucial that you only choose a certain type of cinnamon or honey – and you know how to use them carefully.

Honey and Cinnamon Mask for Acne

Both of these ingredients have been used for centuries to treat medical issues – including acne. If you have infected and inflamed acne, the combination of the two is pretty strong because they have their own natural anti bacterial and anti microbial traits.

does honey and cinnamon help acne

When these two combinations are used, they can act as natural anti inflammatory agents that will soothe and relieve the acne. They are also effective to remove acne scars but only for regular usage. You need to be patient when you want to use this kind of home remedy solution. See more face mask for blackheads and acne.

Mind you, though, that you only choose the natural and ‘real’ one – not the processed items used for commercial industry. The pure raw honey can help your skin from outside, repairing the damaged cells while replenishing, rejuvenating, and moisturizing the skin at the same time. Combine the raw and natural pure cinnamon and honey and use it as a facial mask.

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The soothing nature of the honey will make your skin moist, providing faster effect for the healing process. The cinnamon will fight off infection and inflammation while smoothing out the skin and improving the natural glow and softness. So, if there is a question does honey and cinnamon help acne? The answer is yes, it does but make sure that you choose only the natural ingredients.

Honey and Cinnamon Face Mask Side Effects

When you are using natural substances or home remedies to treat your condition, the possibility of side effects or risks is pretty slim – even low to almost none. But let’s not forget that each person has different condition and tolerance level.

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Some people who are allergic to honey and cinnamon may want to avoid this home remedy because it can activate and trigger any unpleasant further effects. If you are allergic to honey or cinnamon, it doesn’t matter whether you use the natural or pure one – you need to avoid them.

Signs of honey or cinnamon allergy may include hives, redness, irritation, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, wheezing, inflammation, and swelling. It is advisable that you apply a small amount of honey or cinnamon to your skin to see whether you are allergic to them or not. If not, you can proceed by making a facial mask.

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Wash your face immediately when you start feeling a tingling or even burning sensation. Does honey and cinnamon help acne? Yes, but only if you apply the combination regularly and only if you aren’t allergic to them.