Getting Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Hemorrhoid

Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Hemorrhoid is might be done by taking surgery. In fact, some people tend to avoid surgery and want to get rid hemorrhoid with the easier way. Before discussing on the way of getting rid hemorrhoid, we will discuss what was hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is swelling that contains enlarged blood vessels.

Hemorrhoids affected by hemorrhoids are inside or around the buttocks, which was inside the rectum or inside the anus. Most hemorrhoids are a mild disease and do not even cause symptoms. If only there are symptoms of hemorrhoids, usually that often happen is bleeding after defecation.

There is mucus and or bleeding after defecation. The lump is hanging outside the anus. These lumps usually have to be pushed back inside after a bowel movement. Swelling, pain, and redness around the anus, itching around the anus, are the type of this disease. Hemorrhoids disease is very painful or the sufferers, but hemorrhoids in general can be cured if people affected routinely do treatment and prevention.

How to Get Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids that are late treated will certainly make the hemorrhoids become more swollen, irritated, and infection will get worse. For that, people need to pay attention on get rid of a hemorrhoid fast.

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First of the Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Hemorrhoid is by using topical medication. This kind of medication could be purchase in every pharmacy and drug store. People could purchase it without using prescription. Suppository is a type of drug that is inserted directly into the anus. Such drugs can be used to relieve the swelling or discomfort felt by the patient.

Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Hemorrhoid

Do not use any of creams, ointments, and suppository hemorrhoids for more than one week, unless using the doctor advises. These products can cause side effects such as rashes and inflammation.

All types of treatment should be combined with a good diet. There is no evidence of which treatment is more effective. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about a product that suits you best. Do not forget to read the guidelines on each drug before using or consuming it. It is not advisable to use more than one drug product simultaneously.

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If you have inflammation inside or around the anus, your doctor will recommend the use of corticosteroid cream. Do not use this cream more than seven days in a row. This cream can make the skin around the anus thinning and worsen irritation. Those are fastest way to get rid of a hemorrhoid.

Another medication you could use for Hemorrhoid is pain relief medication. Paracetamol as one of the pain killers, can help relieve pain due to hemorrhoids. Avoid painkillers like codeine. These hemorrhoids can cause and worsen constipation. Products containing local anesthetics may also be advised by doctors to treat hemorrhoids.

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For example a topical treatment that can be purchased directly, and should only be used for several days. If you have constipation, your doctor will give you a laxative prescription. This type of treatment will help facilitate the process of defecation and was fastest way to get rid of a hemorrhoid.