About Diabetes Honeymoon You Should to Know

Diabetes honeymoon is a term which is used for the first phase of diabetes. In this phase, after diagnosis, people who affected diabetes honeymoon are still act like normal people who had not any disease on them. In that stance, pancreas is still able to produce a significant enough amount of insulin in order to reduce insulin needs and aid blood glucose control.

Even though this case was the first period of diabetes, but if it is not treated well, the stance and then could increase in the level of diabetes. And people who already affected by diabetes needs to take care seriously of their meals and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, if people affected in the stance of diabetes honeymoon, they might not able be cured. In this stance, the people affected might only slowly to proceed to the full diabetes stance. The process indeed could took slowly, so that people affected with it could still had effort to reduce the bigger body infected caused by diabetes.

Diabetes Honeymoon

For information, diabetes had some period of times. First is the type 1 period time and the continued by period type 2. In the type 1, it is caused by the body which had begun to kill off its own insulin in cells production process. In health issues, it is called by islet cells.

Diabetes Honeymoon Period type 2

People who had affected by diabetes honeymoon period 1, needs to take full rest for short time. In this time, they must keep their health completely. People need to understand that it can not be cured, only the quality of life of the patient that can be maintained as optimal as possible. It could be done by seeking good metabolic control by controlling blood glucose levels in normal and near normal without causing hypoglycemia. Read more about reverse pre diabetes naturally

To achieve good blood sugar control, there is a need for teamwork between endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and educators. Management includes insulin administration, dietary regulation, exercise which is monitoring simultaneously.

Diabetes Honeymoon Period Ending

To end the period of diabetes honeymoon is need some of the therapies. The most important is doing the insulin therapy. During the honeymoon period, the dose is 40 years, but this disease can also occur at any age, which was usually occurs in 3 or 4 decades of life.

More that one-third of new cases found ketosis so often as the error of diagnosis as a type 1 of Diabetes Mellitus. Insulin resistance results from changes that prevent insulin from achieving receptors, alterations in insulin binding or signal transference by receptors in one of the stages of insulin post-receptor work.

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Insulin secretion consists of two phases, fast phases or phase 1, or slow phase or phase 2. Phase 1 takes place quickly and quickly ends, which is the purpose of avoiding a sharp rise in post prandial blood glucose levels. Then phase 1 will be continued by phase 2 which progresses slowly and persist for a relatively long period of time.

The secretion is determined based on the secretion in phase 1. If phase 1 is inadequate, it will be compensated in phase 2 to prevent the increase of blood sugar level. Those were the short brief about diabetes honeymoon.