Diabetes Cure 2017: The Latest Development

There have been some great and positive developments on diabetes cure 2017 although some experiments and researches are still needed. Diabetes is a condition that is not curable but the latest scientific facts have shown that it can be cured – even the diabetes type 1. After some latest news about the treatment for diabetes type 2, it is a good thing that there is cure for type 1 – although further research and exploration is still needed.

The Development of Diabetes Cure 2017

The experiment is done to mice, which is believed to have similar body system and anatomy to humans. Based on the research, the body is ‘tricked’ to cure itself of diabetes type 1 which will affect the way it reacts in diabetes type 2. See more diabetes honeymoon.

Diabetes Cure 2017

Through a method called gene transfer, the process is believed to activate the pancreas cells to naturally produce insulin. You see, a person with diabetes has a unique system where the beta cells (which are actually important and useful cells) are killed. However, scientists have found a way so the other cells within the pancreas can be activated and perform the real function.

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If this way is successful, not only they will finally find a cure for diabetes type 1 but it will also affect the body in treating diabetes type 2. This is a part of diabetes cure 2017 way that can provide a new breakthrough in the medical world if succeeded.

The problem with this method is the drastic measurements, involving immune system’s suppression as well as new cells transplantation – which is considered a huge step in the medical world, and so far still a controversial topic.

By taking an already present and active cell from the body and then program it to work differently to produce insulin is a huge step. And although it has shown a positive result in the mice, further studies and explorations are still needed in the human subjects. Hopefully, the diabetes cure 2017 will continue showing off good results and positive outcome.