Over the Counter Medicine for Eye Infection: Fighting off the Issue

On the contrary to what you think or believe, there are a lot of options of over the counter medicine for eye infection. Depending on your issue and the core cause, the solutions for the eye infection are various. As long as you know the core issue, finding the solution can be quite easy – or at least, you know what kind of medication you should have.

Eye Infections Symptoms

What are the most common symptoms, anyway? Well, your eyes may be watery and itchy. It is probably swollen with quite often discharge. If you want to get a clearer cause of the issue, check it with the doctor – they should be able to determine whether the infection is resulted from viral or bacterial activities.

Eye Infection

It is advisable that you shouldn’t be a know-it-all and think that you know better – unless you are a doctor. Choosing the wrong type of medication can lead to a more serious issue. If you have been treating the problem in the wrong manner, you will only make your condition worse – not better. If you experience pinkish or reddish eyes, followed by discomfort, itchiness, and even painful and swollen condition, go immediately to the doctor. Read more what treats pink eye.

Eye Infection Drops

The eye drops can apply to the eye infection caused by both viral and bacterial infestation – although the brands and the types may be different. Prescribed antibiotic eye drops are quite common for bacterial problem while the over the counter medicine for eye infection is more common for viral issue.

Even with the viral condition, doctors may suggest you some over the counter drops to make you somewhat more comfortable and better. The eye drops can reduce the itchiness and pain, as well as the swelling. The prescribed eye drops for bacterial attack should be accompanied by the prescription and should be applied following your doctor’s order.

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Here are some things that you can do to make it better – at least, not aggravate it:

  • Never rub the eyes, no matter how itchy it. Rubbing the eyes won’t only make the problem get worse (because the virus or bacteria will linger) but it can also spread the issue to other soft tissues on the other parts of the body.
  • Use the eye drops as suggested. Follow the directions carefully – don’t overdo it and don’t do it less than suggested.
  • Cold compress is great for allergies while warm compress is better for infections because of the virus or bacteria
  • Clean the discharge as often as possible. Once you swipe one eye, change the medium so you don’t use it for the other eye. It will limit the infection from spreading out.
  • Maintain good and proper hygiene. If you have to clean the discharge, do it from the inside to the outside – avoid any back and forth movement.

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Eye infection may be uncomfortable but with proper care, you should be able to deal with it – and the healing (as well as the recovery) process can happen fast. Always check with your doctor and use the suggested (or prescribed) over the counter medicine for eye infection properly and correctly.